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The Hun is as old as the internet itself!

I remember back in the old days of the internet, with dial up and taking 4 hours to download one mp3 song from Napster, whilst my internet company charges me per minute. Back then, we had to rely on pictures for our kicks, unless you were lucky to have very fast internet and could download videos from P2P sites. There were no tube sites back then, we had to make do with TGP's and picture sites. That is when I found the Hun. Back then it was THE biggest site to get your kicks from, it was packed full of pictures. What made it so appealing was, it was updated multiple times per day with the latest picture galleries from sponsors. You only usually got a small sample, but that was enough back then. It has evolved since then, but still maintains its core principle of providing free porn pictures.

Does the site still hold up?

Even though the design may look a bit dated, and it is, the site was a lot more basic back in the day. At least now you have thumbs to see what gallery you're about to click in, back then it was just text, so you usually clicked on the links blind and hoped for the best. If you are curious, there is a classic link, so you can experience how it was back in my day (Yes, I know. I'm old). can get away with this basic design, after all, it's merely a yellow pages for picture galleries. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to filter by categories or browse the site to see what niche I was specifically looking for, so be weary of that. The gay sections are mixed with the straight sections and after a certain time, I could finally sort by a few select categories such as mature, anal, teen and lesbian etc. At the end of the day, it's not about design, it's about content, and the Hun still provides some of the best galleries on the internet. 

The content is actually quality. 

The Hun has set themselves high standards, being in the biz for so long, they know what makes good porn or not. The archive goes all the way back to 2001, that's a lot of milf's to browse through. I bet if you browsed this site non-stop for years, you would still not even make a mark on the shitloads of content they have provided over the years. I get a very nostalgic feeling from browsing the Hun, reminds me of the golden age of porn and when the internet was booming. The models back then were much more naturally beautiful. No fillers or Botox, just real regal women with amazing bodies. You will find a lot of galleries from back in the day contained some of the older pornstars, so it may bring back some memories for you. 

Nowadays, the pictures and videos added are mainly modern. The videos are short 2-5 minute clips, nothing special but better than nothing, and the pictures are usually in very good quality from the latest sponsors. I'm now starting to see a lot more amateur pictures than I used to, so expect to see a lot of amateur girls, selfies and homemade photos. The Hun gets so many submissions that they have created a special category for it, called" the overflow ". Imagine being in so much demand, that you have to create another page for the galleries that didn't make the cut. Even though they didn't make the cut, the galleries on the overflow are still of high quality. 

At the end of the day, The Hun has stood the test of time for a reason. Not many sites make it 20 years without shutting down or going out of business. The Hun are professionals for providing you with the best daily updated free picture galleries. 

  • Daily updated pictures
  • Galleries dating back to 2002
  • Only highest quality pictures make the cut
  • design may feel dated nowadays