LuvPorn - All About LuvPorn.Com and What we do

Welcome to, where I will guide the inexperienced, or the experienced, through the wide world of porn. I strive to provide you with only the best porn sites out there, I know how challenging it is to find quality porn. I've been watching porn for over twenty years, so I know the in's and out's of how this whole business work. New sites crop up all the time, and disappear just as quick. Listen, we all know the big players in this industry, I've even seen Pornhub mentioned in movies, so we know how popular they are. I find nowadays they are filled with boring two-minute clips, and who has time for that. So sit back and let me help you find the best sites that you keep coming back to again and again. 

If you need help making your mind up, I have carefully curated a review for each site. If there isn't one yet, rest assured there will be one for soon. I hand-pick each sites, and if they are full of ads, I will let you know. One thing, I will never put an ad here on I find them to be the biggest boner kill around. If you see any mistakes with my reviews, please let me know, and I would love to hear your feedback. I'm not perfect, well not all the time anyway. 

You can surf easy in the thought that I will never link to any harmful or malicious sites. One thing I absolutely hate is sites created with the purpose to make money or viruses. You will find a lot of that in the adult industry, but none of that here. I don't own or operate any of the sites listed here, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with them. At the time of the review, all the sites will have no malicious or harmful ads or viruses on. If that changes and I haven't made a change, please let me know. 

If you are a site owner like myself, and would like your site to be included and get a glowing review, please let me know using the contact form. I would love to browse your site, for purely research purposes, of course. Be wary though, I may be brutally honest and if your site doesn't keep up to my immaculate high standards, then I will say so. 

So there you have it, a brief introduction of who we are and what we do. Obviously, I would prefer to keep my personal details private, but if you have any questions or would like your own site reviewed, please let me know using the contact page. I would love to hear from you.