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DirtyShip doesn't sound like the name of a porn site to me? The amount of sites nowadays that I get confused with actual sites, I mean DirtyShip, can you not think of a better name? It has nothing to do with porn, unless I'm missing the new gen slang? Anyway, enough of my ramblings. This is indeed a site with porn on, except this is designed to provide you with leaks from OnlyFans and various other social media platforms. The site is packed with social media stars who are famous from Instagram, Snapchat, twitch and all other sorts. I bet there are even some ones from Myspace, the site is packed. 

The pandemic created a lot of whores, and these whores need somewhere to showcase their talents. There are so many wannabe OnlyFans creators, some are more successful than others. However, that gives way to a metric shit ton of content for you to feast your eyes on. Everywhere you go nowadays, you hear about someone who's made thousands from these sites. It wouldn't be a surprise if one of your coworkers had an OnlyFans account for a little bit of side income. 

There are also clips and vids of the accidental kind. You know, the ones we aren't supposed to see. Whether a video has been stolen by a disgruntled ex, and or a woman having an unfortunate nip slip in public. I find porn to be much more realistic and hotter, when there's no acting involved. So these sites are right up my alley. I could get lost in these for days, and dirtyship.com is like no other. Sure, it has its flaws, which I'll get into. 

First Impressions

You land on the homepage, and immediately you are greeted by a logo which looks like it's made in Microsoft paint, but honestly who cares about a logo? Hey, I'm just giving you an in depth review, of course I'm going to talk about it. However, being a red-blooded male like I am, I didn't ponder at the logo for too long, my eyes were drawn to the sheer amount of babes on my screen. The first thought was, these videos are all so colourful and bright. It seems to be a creator of these types of videos, you need to wear bright-coloured lingerie or underwear. It certainly adds a pop to the site, that's for sure. 

It has a typical layout that most porn tubes follow… Thumbnail, category and when it was uploaded. However, there is no length or rating, which may be a bad thing. I usually like to filter through the videos by the amount of ratings it has, or how long it is. Luckily though, all the content can be sorted by newest, most viewed and most discussed. That way, you can find what's making other guys dicks hard, and saves you a lot of hassle in searching through the thousands of videos they have to offer. 

The video page seems nice and seamless to use, especially on mobile. You're faced with the basic video player that most tube sites use. You can't download the videos, you can only slow down the playback speed. There is no way to change the video quality, which makes sense as videos are source from the platforms, so you're at the mercy of what the creators made the video in. It's usually mobile phone quality, but some of these phones nowadays can shoot at 4k. The video page displays the likes and dislikes, which is a good indication of quality. When it was uploaded, then a ton of tags. From the tags, you can click on them, and that will bring up other videos related to that tag. Quite simple really, but I thought I'd explain it anyway in case some of you were new to these kinds of sites. 

I didn't recognize many of the models

Okay, so I may be getting on a bit, but most of the creators or models I saw, I didn't recognize. I did see a few faces that looked mildly familiar, but hey, they all look the same to me. Austin Reign having a threesome? Well, good for her, I guess, however the video didn't really explain who the threesome was with. Many of the videos were mainly of women giving blowjob to their boyfriends or husbands, or maybe just a fling. There's a damn lot of dick sucking going on here, which makes sense, as that's pretty easy to film and sell. 

You may get lucky and find a video of a celebrity or musician here, but to be honest I only saw one or two. It's hard to know what's real or a lookalike nowadays, so I took that with a pinch of salt. The good thing is, if you don't know much about these models, there's a big chance you will come away with a new celebrity crush. It's always good to have some variety in my eyes, it's better than looking at the same old porn now and again. 

The categories and models

Okay, here is where this site slightly confuses me. From the main page at the top navigation bar, there is a category section. You click on here, and it gives you a lot of categories and thumbnails corresponding to it. So for big boobs, it has a huge pair of big boobs, surprisingly. This is all fine, and nicely done, and you can see how many videos are contained in each section. However, if you click on the video page there is a separate category list on the left, which isn't on the main page. This is sort of like a sub category, and you can filter out videos from platforms. So for instance, if you want to find all the videos pulled from Snapchat, then you can do so here. Sections contained are Instagram, Snapchat, Patreon and some that I didn't even know allowed nudes, nothing surprises me any more. 

The actors' category, or should we say actresses? I mean, this is a site dedicated to women, no idea why it's called actors, but let's roll with it. From here, you get 78 pages of women to chose from. Most of them have thumbnails, so if, like me, you have no clue who they are, then this should send you on the right track. I can see a lot of popular pornstars in there, but the best ones are the up-and-coming creators who have a lot of to prove, and are willing to do almost everything. Try and find that new and upcoming gem. 

Not just videos, but pictures also.

So the main page mainly features videos, however, if you've taken the cock from out of your hand and scroll down a little, you will see they have a nice and clean section of photo galleries. Yes, photos are a thing of the past, but It's nice to chill out and check some photos, also especially on mobile where this shit loads in seconds. No need to wait for a video to buffer. The picture galleries pretty much follow the same layout as the videos, except they don't have an overall arching categorisation. If you click on the 'view all categories' button, then you will be directed to the main photos page. You will also see a large list of sub categories for the platforms they are nabbed from. 

Once you've chosen your category, click on the main picture and from there it's like a slideshow. It's as easy as clicking next or previous. You can also download the pictures which is a bonus, and the page also has the profile of the model. If you like the look of her, just click on that, and you will be directed to even more categories of her. There are three different qualities of pictures to chose from, so if you're one of the lucky ones with a great internet connection, then I'd recommend clicking on the highest quality. It can be a bad thing, though, seeing them shaving rashes in HD doesn't really do it for me. Each to their own, though. 

What I like

Apart from the sheer amount of naked women which I can stroke my dick too, I'm overall impressed by the functionality of the site. Sure, it can use a few tweaks here and there, but browsing this on my mobile is so nice. The video player is lightweight and doesn't feel like it's going to kill my mobile. 

The site is updated constantly, I've seen around fifty or so new videos added today alone, which you can't really complain about. The galleries are updated a little less, but if you're new to this site, you will have a lot of backdated content to shift through anyway.

What I didn't like

ADS. I will say this time and time again. It's fine to have some ads, but when you're about to click play and an ad pops up, and you're forced to close it. This can really ruin the mood. Sites need to make money, and I'm fine with banners, I just find pop-ups to be the devil. Especially when multiple pop-up. Be sure to have an ad blocker installed, that's for sure. You will thank me later.

Not being able to download videos or broken links. There seems to be no way to report broken links, which can be very annoying, and the facility to download videos would have been nice. This is 2023 after all, give us the option. I would like to download videos, so I don't have to go through the effort of clicking away all the ads again. 

Final Conclusion

I would definitely recommend dirtyship.com. If you're looking for hot leaks of famous models and celebrities, you can't really beat this site. Sure, the design is very basic, but that can be a good thing in my eyes. The only real turn-off for me was the amount of ads, but hopefully with an AdBlock this should negate some of the ads. 

However, this site is free. The videos are in great quality, and although you can't download them, the buffer speed is very speedy indeed. I can't complain when a site provides so much quality content for free, in a nice usable categorised way. However, I do like to try. Give dirtyship.com a go, and sign up for an account, leave some comments and show your love. 

  • FREE. My favorited price
  • Nicely Categorized
  • Constantly updated
  • Easy to use
  • ADS
  • No download feature