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Back in the day, if you were feeling alone, you would hop into a yahoo chat room and shoot the shit with random people that you had no idea what they looked like. Usually, they would tell you they were hot with big boobs, we didn't believe them, but who were we to be picky? Nowadays, you can load up a website, and literally create your own AI girlfriend, and she's not only as hot as you wish, she's smarter than Einstein. This is where steps in. This platform provides AI powered virtual girlfriends. Yes, you heard that right. I know, crazy world we are now living in. 

When you land on candy, you may be confused and think this is an actual site with real users. I can assure you that every woman you see here, is AI generated. Scarily realistic, isn't it? There are a few presets to chose from, each with their own physical attributes and personality. The real good stuff comes from creating your own. However, if you don't have time to do that and just want to get your feet wet, you can choose from either realistic models or anime models. 

I must warn you, this is a premium site. Sure, you can test the waters with a free trial, but you will find yourself burning through them credits pretty quickly. Especially when there is so much to go through, you will find yourself doing a lot of trial an error. Premium membership starts at ten dollars per month, which seems pretty reasonable. You can sign up for a yearly subscription, which will save you even more dough, at seventy dollars per year. I would only recommend signing up for that though after you've become accustomed to the software on offer. 

Candy is a new platform, but in such a short space of time it's become one of the major players in the industry, and I can see why. The site's design is beautiful and sleek, and the models are gorgeous and realistic. 

  • Realistic Virtual Girlfriends
  • So much custom options
  • You will burn through tokens